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My Amazing Stories, Musings & Recollections


Is a collection of true, yet unbelievable, stories that might challenge your opinion of strange, possibly weird happenstances. The stories are true happenings based on my experiences or those of my extended family members or very close friends.

The specifications of this book will be soon described here.


$ 29.95 or 110 NIS

The How and Why of Jewish Prayer


A 731 page, Hard-covered book. 

(A comprehensive, copious Guidebook). The How & Why of Jewish Prayer. Published 2011; Arba Kanfot Press

I began writing a guidebook on Jewish Prayer for returnees to Judaism in 1996. 

$ 24.95 or 92 NIS

A Stone Speaks - the Voice of the Kotel


271 pages, Hard Covered Book[1].. An unconventional exposition of the Kotel, 

This volume chronicles the history of the Kotel Ha’Ma’aravi (The Western Wall), as told by one of the huge stones that make up the Wall. 

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