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My Blog

There are at least a dozen reasons why you should read my forthcoming monthly blog.  I’d like to interact with you and to share with you, my readers, interesting ideas that I have, and to tell you more about my background. I am octogenarian, having passed my 85th birthday. My parents made Aliyah to Palestine in 1920. My mother was an ardent Zionist and a concert pianist.  My father was multilingual (Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Yiddish and English), and is a direct descendant of a long line of Krymchaki. Krymchaki are a vanishing rabbinic sect dating back two millennia who are the remnants of the Bar Kochba Revolt. There are fascinating aspects of my life, many of which may be found in my autobiography. I love to tell true stories drawn from my life experience. I do hope you will sign up and not miss the premier issue. They will unfold in my future blogs. ---See my first Blog.

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