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- Concepts in Judaism- An Introduction (Estimate Due date: Dec 2018)

This multi-volume compilation  consist of selected biblical, halachik, Talmudic ideals, principles, thoughts and practices drawn from Tanach (Torah, Prophets and Writings), Mishnah, Talmud, Codes of Jewish Law, Midrash, Apochrypha, Jewish ethics, and customs.  Estimate Due date: December 2018


- My Amazing Stories, Musings &

Recollections. (Due date 2018)









- Writings- The Power of the Pen (Due date 2018).

It is a collection of hundreds of essays on Jewish religious issues, op-ed articles speeches delivered on Jewish issues relating to Soviet Jewry, Pro-Israel activism; letters and stories. Also included are samples of writings on other subjects. My writings come from my heart out of concern for the lives of my people. Of the two powers in the world; it is the pen that I choose. Those who choose sword should be pitied.  Words have power. Words have potential to encourage, argue and sway. Words can make you happy or make you sad.

“Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”  ― i.e., "Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind


- Who Were the Krymchaki – A Vanishing Rabbinic Sect (Due date 03/2018).

The author is a direct descendant of a long line of Krymchaki- a Rabbinic Jewish ethnic and linguistic society dating back at least to the time of the Bar Kochba revolution (132–135CE). This rapidly vanishing remnant of the Jewish people settled in Crimea, a peninsula (now part of the Ukraine) bordering on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Jews were brought to the Crimean peninsula by the Greeks to populate the fertile coast of the Black Sea at least two centuries.

B.C.E. Whatever their origins, these Jews together with the later arrivals formed the so-called Krymchaki, the first type of Jews to live in Crimea.

Here are more than forty unbelievable stories that might challenge your opinion of strange, possibly weird happenstances. All the stories below are true. Some may be coincidences. Statistically, these unusual stories are almost incredible yet they happened. Some events are so eerie they compel us to question whether life is really haphazard or is G-d orchestrating something supernatural for us. Either way, draw out inspiration from these stories for they have the potential to transform your life.

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