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Thank you for inviting me into your home. Many of you have purchased one or more of my books. I thought you would like to have an inside view of who I am and what prompts me to write.


1.       We lived in Mill Basin (Brooklyn, N.Y.)  For over 35 year...

Rabbi David was so impressed with my success working with  Rafi (See Blog # 002) that he introduced Micha to me. Micha (not his real name). Micha was a 14-year-old boy from a secular Jewish family whose parents yielded to the grandmother’s wish that the boy attend a le...

Working with these returnees to Judaism was very exhilarating. Most of these young men were in their late teens or early 20s. Many were Israelis, although some were Russian Jews. Having been born in Palestine in 1932 I was fairly fluent in Hebrew. My parents immigrated...

Writing a book is hard. It is an overwhelming and humbling experience, consuming days and nights, months on end. Growing up I jotted down thousands of notes. Most were handwritten stories told to me by my parents, grandmother and other relatives. I kept notes about our...

I found myself in a new world. The United States was just emerging from the worst depression in its history triggered by the stock market crash of October 27, 1929. Unemployment was rampant. As we disembarked from the ocean liner that early September day, neither I nor...

The How & Why of Jewish Prayer -A Guidebook for Men and Women

by Israel Rubin   Published by Arba Kanfot Press (731 pages)

Reviewed by Voices Magazine

For any newcomer to a synagogue, the experience of prayer surrounded by tallit-clad men or head-scarf-covered w...

The How and Why of Jewish Prayer- for Men & Women (728 pg. hard cover 6”x9”) was 15 years in the making. This Halachic guidebook to prayer, is a veritable encyclopedia packed with useful information for the beginner as well as for the practiced Davener. “A new comprehe...

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