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By Azizu on September 12, 2014

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

Great book! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn about Jewish prayers in a detailed but simple way.


By Amazon Customer on July 17, 2014

Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

This book is precise without being dry. Very helpful explanation of each prayer.


Dear Israel,

My congratulations on the publication of your book!  

Mikhail Kizilov, DPhil (Oxon)

Alan M. Stroock Fellow for Advanced Research in Judaica

Center for Jewish Studies, Harvard University


The How and Why of Jewish Prayer is an admirable and inspiring sefer, and we look forward to being enriched by its voluminous halachic and moral insights. Kol Ha’Kavod !   May you and yours be blessed in good health for many years to continue your exemplary work of harbatzat Torah.

Jack E Friedman



Dear Israel,

Your book arrived in the mail and I am very impressed. Thank you for sending it to me. In my opinion, your detailed guidance answers a deep need. Your style alone contributes to the inherent helpfulness, since it is written with respect for the intelligent reader, both so practical and simultaneously in-depth. May the strength you needed to write this amazing volume, continue to spur you on to good health.

 ketivah v'chatima tova

Dr.  Rachel Levmore

Rabbinical Court Advocate

Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention Project

Int'l Young Israel Movement in Israel


Dear Mr. Rubin,

Shechiyanu V'kiyumanu L'hagi'ah lazeman hazeh. Mazel Tov on this tremendous milestone in your life. Words can't describe my feelings of admiration of your determination to get to this important point. The How & Why of Jewish Prayer is truly a monumental work and a milestone for English speaking Jewry who wish to come closer to Hashem through prayer.

Yihi Rotzon that your sefer should be a great zchus for you and your family and be warmly accepted by Klal Yisroel, who are searching to have a closer connection to Hakodush Boruch Hu in their Tefillos. May you constantly have the Zchus of being Mezache the Rabim.

Warmest Wishes,

Rabbi Mordechai Pitem.

Magid Shiur

Ohr Samey-ach


Hello Israel,

I just wanted to tell you how excited I am over your fabulous book . I looked through it over shabbos and indeed it is a wonderful book containing an absolute wealth of information.

Yaasher koach to you on writing such a wonderful treatise, and bzchus zeh,  I wish you for the new year,  good health, so that you can enjoy the accolades  of your labors for a long time iyh.

Allan Schuman, DDS


Dear Mr. And Mrs. Rubin,

Hope this letter finds you well. We wanted to thank you for your beautiful Sefer on Tefilah. The Sefer has actually become a part of our Friday night meal. To explain: Our very dear aunt recently passed away (very suddenly). My older daughters and I, having some trouble dealing with her death, decided that we wanted to learn something together on Friday nights, in her memory. We were having trouble deciding and agreeing upon what to learn. Your Sefer arrived just at the right time, and we have begun reading it together on Friday nights. So far (though we are not very far into it yet), we are really enjoying and benefitting from your insights. We will be'h share more thoughts about it with you, as we go along. So, thank you, again. Hope you are feeling better every day. Ktiva Vchatima tova.Kol Tuv,
Shlomzy and Dr. Shye Wortman


Dear Yisrael Rubin,

Having taught and written about Tefilla for a number of years, in my attempt to improve my own, I always look for something different and in-depth.  Look forward to reading it. Then I can recommend it to my colleagues.

H. C. Lauer

West Orange, New Jersey


Dear Mr. Rubin ,

Mazal Tov on the seeing the fruits of your considerable labor.  We look forward to studying your book-- the table of contents is whetting our appetite!

 Rabbi Pinchus  & Channie Rappaport

Congregation Zichron Rabbeinu Moshe Feinstein

Brooklyn, NY 11234


Dear Izzy,

Re: The How and Why of Jewish Prayer .

 May Hashem give you the strength to keep up the great work you started in educating other yiden in Teffillah.


Rabbi Baruch Chazanow

Chabad of Western Monmouth County

Manalapan, New Jersey


Dear Israel,

This is really great news.  Mazal  Tov- may it be read by many.

Stuart Schrader

The Jewish Agency for Israel


Kol HaKavod!  May you merit to finish the other books you have in the works as well!

Please do put me down for two more copies. Thanks, and Mazal Tov to you.

Go’el Jasper

Dear Reb Yisrael,

 This is quite a monumental work ! I am most interested to see a copy. So when it is available please let me know & I'll come over right away. A huge Yashar Koach & may HaShem bless you with His richest blessings.

Best wishes.

Alan Wedcliffe


Dear Israel,

We thank you for your book The How and Why of Jewish Prayer.

We are very impressed with your informative book offering which will surely find a ready audience. The PJ Library is currently delivering Jewish content books to more than 75,000 children between 6 months and 8 years of age.

Best wishes,

Shauna Zomek

PJ Library®

380 Union Street, Suite 100
West Springfield, MA 01089



Dear Israel,

So glad for you that your book is coming to fruition.  I am hoping to take the 2nd copy with me to America for my kids.  We plan to go Aug 24th. May you go from strength to strength.

Aviva & Rabbi Chanoch Lazarus



Dear Israel

Please notify me when we get to drink the לחיים on this momentous occasion.  I eagerly await the book also!

Jack Wimpfheimer 

Beit Shemesh


Dear Israel,

Please reserve another copy for Simcha and Sara Sterzer.  You should have a
sell-out demand for this labor of love.
Sara and Rabbi Simcha Sterzer

Beit Shemesh

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