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From Palestine to America and Back Home to Israel –is my autobiography. I was born in a tiny Yishuv 85 years ago in British Mandate Palestine to Zionist parents who succeeded in raising two children in the malaria infested yishuv[1] of Kiryat Chaim. My early childhood is portrayed in my stories about a growing up in a loving family albeit in an inhospitable environment.

A series of circumstances resulted in our being transplanted to America where I continued to lead a restless life. I lived in so many places, experienced so much—it was enough to fill several lives.













Finally in America in September 1939, come with me to the 1939 World’s Fair.  Cry with me as we return home to witness our newly established bicycle store and adjoining two-room apartment with all our possessions being destroyed by a horrific three-alarm fire. Share our first reactions of shock, disbelief and despair as we learn that we had no fire insurance coverage. Fifteen years of abject poverty ensued until the tide mercifully turned.You may find it almost impossible to stop reading my story once you begin. While avoiding embellishing I tried to make you feel as though you were there, looking over my shoulder. The range of subjects covered and the underlying message of how I overcame those difficulties and hardships is a stirring, exciting and stimulating story told with sufficient tempo, imagery, and clarity to make you forget what you were doing, where you are, even who you are.  Welcome on board!

[1] Settlement, village

A brief scan of the Table of Contents will persuade you that this is not a typical autobiography.  I will take you through an incredible journey from Palestine to Europe, to America and finally back home to Israel.

You will be transported to my tiny yishuv, visit our chicken farm, meet Mahmud , the Arab Halva vendor and his camel; and Ali, the Druse Fish Peddler, But as you accompany me watch out for the scorpions and the malaria infected mosquitos, Join me as we visit Greece, Italy and France on a company paid  vacation.  See how it feels to make a getaway from the looming danger of Paris about to be overrun by the Nazis, to Cherbourg to board the Queen Mary as she hurriedly launches off to escape an impending Nazi attack. 

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