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A Stone Speaks- The Voice of the Kotel

Table of Contents The complete TOC is available upon request


A Flood of Images

Chapter 1

The Wall and I

We, Stones of the Kotel, Celebrate Life

Chapter 2

                Building & Destruction

                Romans. Christians, and Muslims                                         

Chapter 3

Jerusalem and the Wall

Place of Jewish Worship

The All is like a Magnet

Stones with Feelings

Chapter 4 

The Noise That Time Makes

Time Line – Chronology

prior to 1025 B.C.E.

from year 1025 B.C.E.

year 19 B.C.E.

Chapter 5

Bad News/ Good News                           

A Bit of History                                     

Early Period: Prior to 1025 BCE

Erecting the Wall

Chapter 6

How I Became Part of the Wall

Transporting The Stones

Erecting the Wall


Mind Boggling

Chapter 7

From year 04 B.C.E.

 -King Herod Dies

To years 1828-1908 C.E.-

Chapter 8

End of the Ottoman Empire

The League of Nations and the British Mandate

1918 -Weizmann and the Balfour declaration

Under the British Mandate (1922-1948)

Chapter 9

The Jewish Connection to the Temple Mount

The Controversy Over the Western Wall During Mandate Period

Chapter 10

Arab Violence -1929 Riots

The Decade Following the 1929 Arab Riots

1939- White Paper Restricts Immigration of Jews to Palestine

1947- Partitioning Proposed

Chapter  11

1948 A Decisive Year

1949- Baruch HaShem, We Survived

Nineteen Years of Jordanian Rule

1956- Suez Canal Closed to Israeli Shipping

1957- HaGomel

Chapter 12 

From 1960-1961- Adolf Eichmann Captured

Year 1967 -The Six Day Phenomenon

Euphoria From Heaven

Chapter 13

Search for History and Heritage

I Envy You

The Guy With the Camera

Chapter 14

Customs, Segula and  Sanctity of the Wall

Past Customs, no longer practiced

Chapter 15

Aish HaTorah Institutions

Jewish Quarter

The Old City Walls And Its Entrance Gates

Chapter  16


Kabbalat Shabbat

Yom Yerushalayim at the Kotel – May 22, 2009

Birkat Hachama

The Shlosha Regalim (Three Pilgrimage Festivals)

Chapter 17


TISHA B’AV  (9th of Av)

Kol Nidrei at the Kotel

Chapter 18

Women at the Kotel

Chapter 19

My Special “Customers”

Chapter 20

Outlawing Sacred Rituals at the Kotel

Chapter 21 



Chapter  22

Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount

Chapter 23

Stories Prior to 1930

Stories  After 1967

A Paratrooper's Story by Dr. Moshe Amirav



APPENDIX III -* Sources on the Kotel  - Selections

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